Back to School With Native Shoes & The Remix Project



Get your kiddos back-to-school ready with Native Shoes.



Native Shoes for Kids


Native Shoes makes it easy for all to Live Lightly™.

Native Shoes is a planet conscious footwear company outfitting adults and kids in colorful kicks while keeping their eye on the future. They're pushing the boundaries of innovation with inventive design and materials, and focusing on the entire lifecycle of a shoe.

Children will inevitably outgrow everything, and adults will eventually wear their shoes out. Native Shoes is taking a more in-depth look at how they make their products, and where they go when they die. From creating PETA-Approved vegan shoes to recycling retired footwear to make playground equipment, Native Shoes has made it their mission to create a better world.



Recycle your kids' worn and outgrown Native Shoes through The Remix Project with Zappos For Good.

Simply box up your old Native Shoes and print out a free shipping label (on us) to help Native Shoes reach their goal for every pair of Natives Shoes to be 100% life cycle managed. Through a unique grinding process, Native Shoes can be broken down into a versatile material and repurposed for community projects, such as playground flooring, insulation, and more!

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Native Shoes for Adults