Top 10 Crocs for Spring

Top 10: Crocs You Better Rock This Spring (Or Else)

WARNING: Crocs will garner compliments. If you rock any of these sandal favorites this spring, your outfits will inevitably look fab. Explore other Crocs lovers’ testimonials on the outfit-enhancing “dangers” below—and don’t say we didn’t tell ya so!

Tulum Toe Post Sandal

Real Customer’s Cautionary Tale: I fell in love with the look of these fashionable sandal Crocs! They are perfect for everyday use and especially perfect for vacation because they can be worn for long periods of walking, or dress up an outfit and still remain comfortable! This is the perfect addition to my wardrobe!”

Tulum Open Flat

Real Customer’s Cautionary Tale: “These have become my favorite pair of sandals. They are cute and comfy, and go with so much! I can walk in them all day and my feet still feel great! I LOVE these!”

Classic Mega Crush Sandal

Real Customer’s Cautionary Tale: “The best Crocs I have ever owned and I have over 60 pairs!!!!!!!! They are soo cute and extremely comfortable!!!!!! They are highly recommended. I purchased the pink and the blue Jean ones and they are gorgeous!!!!!!!! Now I have to buy all the other colors immediately!!!!! And you all should do the same!!!!!!!”

Classic Crush Sandal

Real Customer’s Cautionary Tale: “I just love these sandals! They're like some wedge sandals that I had in the early 2000s and miss. I know that Crocs are durable shoes so I'm sure I'll be wearing these for many years to come. I like that I can dress them up or down with Jibbitz. These are cute, classy shoes that I can also wear to do yard work so I'm excited about that.”

Classic Sandal

Real Customer’s Cautionary Tale: “Love Love Love my Crocs Sandals. I now have 2 pairs of the same ones. It's great to just slip them on to wear around the house, or if you need to run outside...When I first bought my Crocs my kids kinda chuckled, but now when I can't find them I know someone else is wearing them. Exactly why I had to buy a second pair.”

Tulum Flip

Real Customer’s Cautionary Tale: “Purchased this [in] black. I love them and ordered an extra pair. They're lightweight, sleek, and very flattering. Thank you Crocs for making this style!”

Classic Flip-Flop

Real Customer’s Cautionary Tale: “Very sturdy well-made flip-flops, my second pair, the first lasted many years. I love the support, and they're great at the beach, in the garden, anywhere you might encounter moisture.”

Classic Slide

Real Customer’s Cautionary Tale: “They are so soft I feel like as though I'm walking on a pillow or clouds and I like that they massage my feet with every step I take and that I can add my hobbies, interests, and personalities to them through Jibbitz.”