The Science of Running with Brooks


So, There’s More to the Running Story…

Turns out running shoes aren’t just about looking good! (Wah-wah). We’re getting
technical with sneakers and the importance of a good match.

Find Your Run

Whether you’re craving cushion, feeling the need for speed, or wanting some extra spring in your step—Brooks has it.

3-Types of Pronation: What the Heck?!

Shoes that accommodate the way your foot lands and rolls upon impact have significance on your workout experience.

Supination Nation

Orthotic-friendly shoes provide cushioning for feet that roll outward upon contact.

Neutral Bae

For even distributor types, a fresh pair can help maintain healthy form and tread.

Overpronator Gator

Those who pronate inward find relief with styles featuring Brooks GuideRails technology to keep excess movement in check.

Introducing: The Hyperion Max

Lightweight, DNA FLASH nitrogen-infused technology helps you get the most out of your fastest workouts.

Introducing: The Hyperion Tempo

Accelerate progress with responsive, shock-absorbing sneakers for high performance and quick recovery.

Chafe-Free in Brooks Shorts

Run in cool, chafe-free comfort thanks to shorts with just-right coverage and plenty of storage.

Just Right Tops & Tights

Transform your run with tech-equipped clothes for less distraction during the action.

Not Your Typical Sports Bra

High-impact support you can trust, built on the biomechanics of movement in runners of all sizes. Woo-hoo!

Complete the Look with Brooks Athletic Clothing